Air Traffic Control (ATC) Equipment Market Size – Expected To Grow In The Future

Air traffic control equipments are those tools that ensure the consistency, security and effectiveness of aeroplanes. They execute major functions in airports and are responsible for preventing aircrafts from colliding in air or on land. The worldwide air traffic control equipment market was predicted to have garnered revenue worth around USD 4, 160 million in 2014.

It is estimated to rise during the projected phase, at about 5 percent CAGR. The market is anticipated to achieve about USD 5, 519 million by the end of the said phase. Air traffic is estimated to increase doubly in the coming fifteen years. In present circumstances, inspite of indecisive fiscal conditions, commercial aviation is gaining wide momentum.

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Growing passengers and movement of aeroplanes have led to development of new airports and renovation of existing ones. This continual development and renovation is furthering the demand for the air traffic control equipment market. Some of the hindrances observed in this market include high safeguarding required for ATC equipments and their high costs.

The other hindrances include absence of capable labor and effective operations at peak hours. Some other factors driving the demand for the air traffic control equipment market include technological enhancements and demand for greater safety. Growing demand for travelling via air is also estimated to propel the market ahead.

The air traffic control equipment market is expected to witness good growth in the future ten years. Advancements in microelectronics have offered prospects for the further increase of the market. They are anticipated to drive the same over the projected phase. The air traffic control equipment market is fragmented into three categories. These are applications, products and geographical regions.

North America and Europe occupied a major share in the income of the market in 2013. The air traffic control equipment market of Asia Pacific is predicted to display prospects of high development. This is owing to increasing demand for effective infrastructure.

Air Traffic Control  Equipment Market Size

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Propionic Acid Market Size – Dominated By Europe

Propionic acid, also known as CH3CH2COOH, is a 3-carbon carboxylic acid. It is a dull and plain liquid and has a strong smell. It is made on a commercial basis by the hydrocarboxylation of ethylene when nickel carbonyl catalyst is present. Propionic acid and its subsidiaries are widely used as food additives and feed. It prevents the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms. Other sectors where propionic acid is used are pharmaceuticals, herbicides and solvents.

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Propionic acid can lead to irritation of the human body in case people come in touch with it. So, different health establishments are constantly involved in observing its contact effects. The worldwide propionic acid market has developed considerably in the last few years. It is estimated to expand more rapidly in the coming five years. The market is predicted to be propelled ahead by augmented requirement from grain, feed and food additives.

Europe was the biggest propionic acid market in recent times. It is majorly propelled by the ban enforced on antibiotics in certain applications ever since 2006. The demand in Europe is anticipated to grow healthily owing to large demand for the grain and feed additive sectors. The United States of America is the biggest solitary propionic acid market in the world. The propionic acid market was estimated to generate revenue worth USD 908 million in 2012.

It was predicted to increase during the projected phase, at about 8 percent CAGR. This phase lasts from 2013 to 2019. The market is expected to garner revenue worth about USD 1, 540 million by 2019. The growing use of subsidiaries of propionic acid also drives the propionic acid market ahead. Moreover, the accentuating demand for food additives owing to fast development of this industry on a worldwide level also adds to the revenue of the propionic acid market.

Propionic Acid Market Size

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Physical Security Market Size – Expected To Increase Further

Physical security refers to physical safety. It can be described as those steps which are taken to prevent damage to official organizations by restricting access to these places. Safety concerns with regard to people and their official documents have furthered the demand for the physical security market. The growing implementation of physical security systems in offices and corporate organizations is expected to drive further demand for this market.

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The increasing need to remain safe in an environment which is constantly threatened by anti-social elements also drives the physical security market. The incorporated security systems demand is escalating fast owing to product and technological innovations that decrease the costs in security administration. Governmental organizations have been actively taking part in unfolding safety guidelines for industries and workplaces. Strong rules of safety also ensure safety during work and prevent fiscal losses.

Thus, the physical security market is expanding fast across the world. It is divided into four categories. These include verticals, systems, services and geographical regions. The market consists of various products and services. Out of all these, biometrics occupies a primary share in the market. The physical security market is expected to undergo steady expansion in developing nations. These nations are anticipated to witness a rise in the demand for physical security products and services.

With augmented terrorist attacks and sabotages in the world, the demand for these systems is estimated to improve. The attacks are also likely to cause people to invest more on these systems in the future. Also, the increased approval of such systems across the world is predicted to trigger the market growth. Clients not only seek devices that are high-tech and modern but also which come with minimum botheration and maximum benefits. Their doing so improves the demand for the physical security market.

Recent developments prove beyond doubt that the physical security market is increasing and will continue to do so over the near future.

Physical Security Market Size

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Polyols Market Share To 2020- Dominated By Asia Pacific

The worldwide polyols market has expanded imperatively in the past few years. It is predicted to expand further in the coming five years. The regions of Asia Pacific and rest of the world are estimated to expand at higher rates than the worldwide market. There are three chief applications of polyols. The polyols market is developing constantly.

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This is owing to expansion in automotives, augmentation in building activities and increasing need for resins, fabrics and fibers. The polyols market is segmented on the basis of applications, kinds and geographical regions. The three applications are polyurethane (rigid foams), polyurethane (flexible foams) and CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers).

The polyols market is also segmented on the basis of kinds into polyester polyols and polyether polyols. The four geographical regions of the market include Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and rest of the world. Asia Pacific is the biggest client of polyols in the world. The Asian Pacific polyols market is predicted to rise during the anticipated phase (2014 to 2019). This is anticipated to happen at about 10 percent CAGR.

India, Japan and China are some of the most important markets in Asia Pacific. The requirement for polyols in these nations is pushed ahead by increasing consumption in the industries of consumers. Increased requirement for bio-based solutions in order to decrease dependence on meager raw materials and enhance carbon footprint is predicted to propel the polyols market in the next six years.

However, unevenness in the costs of raw materials is slowing down the polyols market through the anticipated phase. The demand for polyether polyols is hugely propelled by demand from the industry of polyurethanes. Boost in the use of bio-based polyether polyols acts as a vital prospect in the polyols market. Health dangers linked with polyether polyols are predicted to hinder the market growth.

Polyols Market Share

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