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Analog Integrated Circuits Market Analysis, Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies, and Forecasts, 2015 To 2022

The global analog integrated circuits market is expected to retain prominence owing to its small size, diverse functionality, and dynamic application areas such as LED lighting, healthcare monitoring, utility in automotive application, and collision prevention. Owing to their inherent flexibility and contraction, analog integrated circuits have been integrated in numerous sectors such as automotive products, consumer electronics products, biomedical products, and wearable sensor-based devices. Analog integrated circuits are anticipated to be deployed in automotives, communications, industrial, computing and storage, medical, and in consumer electronics sectors over the next few years.

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Market fragmentation restrains revenue and increases competition, strong competition leads to price reduction, and meltdown of economy affects growth opportunities and impacts revenues negatively. Discrete circuits are preferred over analog ICs owing to limited space constraints, thereby decreasing the returns. This is foreseen to hamper the analog integrated circuits market expansion.

The analog integrated circuits market can be categorized into application-specific and general purpose integrated circuits. Application-specific analog circuits function in specific domains such as consumer electronics, computing devices, automotive domains, and industrial domains. General purpose ICs, function in multiple domains such as voltage regulators, amplifiers & comparators, and data converters. Based on vertical sector applicability, the ICs can be segregated into industrial, administrative, automotive, communications, and consumer electronic sectors. Automotive and industrial sectors are poised to emerge as major application sectors for these ICs.

Use of ICs in infrastructural, avionic, and dynamic industrial applications is expected to drive the analog integrated circuits market in the North American region. In Asia Pacific, China is anticipated to maintain its course of high growth on account of increased consumer electronics adoption by the tech-savvy population. Europe is anticipated to surface as a global leader on account of major automobile manufacturers that have their production units in Europe. Automotive leaders such as Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Renault, and BMW have largely encouraged the analog integrated circuits market expansion in Europe.

Analog ICs market can be segregated into small-scale IC fabrication companies and merchant IC companies. Merchant vendors incorporate a specific set of strategies to retain their legacy in the market such as extensive breadth of product sets, special product design skills, competitive price, and widespread worldwide distribution & support networks. New entrants focus only on the specific product category they deal with. For example, Taiwan Semiconductor (discrete semiconductors, voltage regulators, and Op Amps), GMT (audio, power management, and switches), and Richtek (LED drivers and power management) are some of the market players focusing on explicit domains.

Major analog IC market players include Texas Instruments Inc., Qualcomm Inc., Infineon Technologies AG, Analog Devices Inc., and STMicroelectronics NV.

Analog Integrated Circuits Market

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Organic Chemicals

Global Nitrochlorobenzene Market, Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies And Forecasts, 2015 To 2022

Global nitrochlorobenzene market is expected to grow positively over the forecast period on account of huge nitrochlorobenzene demand from diverse end use industries such as coatings, dyes, paints and fertilizers. It is a versatile organic chemical compound manufactured by benzene nitration using sulfuric & nitric acid mixtures. For chemical production along with coating & paints, pharmaceuticals and agriculture related chemical derivatives, nitrochlorobenzene is used as precursor and process intermediate. High growth in nitrochlorobenzene use is expected in construction and automotive industries over the forecast period on account of waxes and rubber application growth. In addition to above mentioned factor, growing global agriculture related activities are also expected to propel global nitrochlorobenzene market over the forecast period. Continuous environmental awareness activities coupled with stringent environment regulations are expected to augment bio-based fertilizer demand across the globe which in turn is expected to establish as key market restraint over the forecast period.

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Global market is segmented on the basis of product which is categorized as para, meta and ortho nitrochlorobenzene. Rust protection concerns in different manufacturing industries are expected to positively influence ortho nitrochlorobenzene demand as they are used in corrosion inhibitors production whereas para is majorly used for insecticide, sulfur based photo chemical dyes and rubber chemicals intermediates.

Over the forecast period, Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest and largest growing nitrochlorobenzene market owing to increasing agriculture related activities and chemical industry developments. China and India are expected to be the major countries contributing in market growth. Raw materials availability in China coupled with low production cost followed by growing dyes, chemical, pesticides, rubber and pharmaceutical industries are some factors expected to drive regional market growth over the forecast period. Budding construction industries in India on account of various government infrastructure development plans are expected to develop nitrochlorobenzene demand in the country. In addition, National Chemical Policy framed by Indian government in order to increase chemical output is also expected to contribute in the country market growth over the forecast period. North America and Europe is expected to witness moderate market growth over the forecast period.

Global nitrochlorobenzene market is highly fragmented with major industry participants including Mitsubishi Chemical, Toray Industries, BASF, Monsanto and Evonik Industries, Dow Chemical, Mitsui Chemicals, Eastman Chemical Company and AkzoNobel.

Global Nitrochlorobenzene Market

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Advanced Interior Materials

Ammunition Market Analysis, Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2015 To 2022

Global ammunition market is expected to grow on account of increasing military expenditure for the implementation of stockpiling and modernization programs by U.S., China, Israel and India. Increasing importance of up gradation of military weapons in numerous countries is likely to have a positive impact on the market. Technological advancements in developed economies for developing smart weapons for police force are expected to have favorable impact on market growth. Increasing R&D expenditure for the development of non lethal ammunition such as plastic bullets, wax bullets, rubber bullets and beanbag rounds is expected to fuel market demand in near future. Growing demand for non lethal ammunition in personal security and riot control units is likely to augment ammunition market demand over the forecast period.

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Increasing importance of shooting events in sports games such as Summer Olympics is expected to favorably impact the ammunition market growth. Growing popularity of hunting as a sport activity is expected to increase the demand for ammunition in the near future. Shifting of trend towards reduction of military expenditure coupled with over capacity of ammunition in Russia, Israel and U.S. is expected to have a negative impact on market. Increasing expenditure pertaining to the development of smart weapons such as direct energy weapons, electromagnetic pulse weapons, and smart bombs is expected to pose a credible threat for market in the near future. Stringent regulations of European Commission intended for controlling environmental pollution is expected to have a negative impact on market demand as a chemical over the forecast period. Growing concerns over animal protection rights has resulted in the implementation of norms against hunting of wild animals which is anticipated to hinder market growth.

Asia Pacific is likely to be major ammunition market in light of increasing military expenditures by India and China. In June 2012, the Government of India announced an investment of USD 1 million for acquiring artillery shells, anti-tank missiles and other weapons from Russia based Rosboronexport. Increment in military expenditure by countries in Middle East such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and UAE is likely to be driving factor for the market. In Feb 2015, UAE Government announced a USD 420 million deal to acquire ultra precision ammunition from Tawazun Dynamics. Major market players include Barnaul Cartridge, BAE Systems, Nammo and Raytheon.

Ammunition Market

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Agrochemicals & fertilizers

Nitrogenous Fertilizer Market Analysis, Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies And Forecasts, 2015 To 2022

Global nitrogenous fertilizer market is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period owing to the rising demand for food on account of rising population. Nitrogenous fertilizers are of two types namely chemical nitrogenous fertilizers including urea, ammonium chloride and ammonia and mineral nitrogenous fertilizers including nitric acid, potassium nitrate and nitrite. These fertilizers provide higher crop yield and productivity for producing various crops including grains, oil-seeds, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Increasing R&D and rising investments by various governments including China, India and the U.S. on agricultural industry is expected to boost the demand over the next seven years. Moreover, limited area for agricultural use and depleting soil quality is expected to spur the market over the projected period. However, environmental and health concerns related to fertilizers and volatile raw material cost is expected to restrain the growth over the forecast period. Asia Pacific will be the largest market pertaining to the rising population and increasing demand for foods.

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Moreover, lack of water supplies and changing climatic conditions in China and India is likely to propel farmers to use nitrogenous fertilizers over the forecast period. Furthermore, India being a country rich in agricultural sources is likely to grow substantially over the next seven years. North America is expected to contribute significantly over the projected period owing to the shale gas boom which is predicted to reduce the price of natural gas that is used in the production of nitrogenous fertilizers. Moreover, increasing demand for exports especially from the U.S. is likely to fuel market demand. Latin America is expected to provide an ocean of opportunity owing to high production of sugarcane and corn in this region. Moreover, large area for cultivation will be a key driver for higher investments over the forecast period. Europe is expected to have substantial growth owing to unfavorable climatic conditions which is likely to aggravate the demand for fertilizers in this region.

Global key players include Agrium Inc., Yara International ASA, Coromandel International Ltd., KOCH Industries Inc., Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, CVR Partners, L.P., Bunge Ltd., Sinofert Holdings Ltd., EuroChem and CF Industries Holdings Inc. EuroChem offers nitrogenous fertilizers including urea, calcium ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, urea ammonium nitrate solution, aqua ammonia and anhydrous ammonia used in fruit farming, field crops, horticulture, and viticulture.

Nitrogenous Fertilizer Market

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