3D Bioprinting Market – Analysis, Trends And Forecasts, 2015 To 2022

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3D bioprinting is the manufacture of biological organs; with cell function & viability preserved. 3D bioprinters use bio-ink; creating a cellular structure layer by layer, finally resulting in a functioning living tissue or organ.

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The 3D bioprinting market was estimated at USD 487 million in 2014. It would reach around USD 1.8 billion by 2022. The geriatric population and 3D bioprinting innovations are the major market drivers. As of 2015, research institutes & universities have shown interest in expanding this technology. For instance, the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland has created bioprinters that can print stem cell structures.

On the basis of technologies, the 3D bioprinting market is sliced into magnetic levitation, syringe based, laser based, and inkjet based printing. Magnetic levitation and syringe based printers held a larger share in 2014. Growth of the former can be attributed to toxicity screenings, cell modeling, and smooth muscle printing. The latter finds applications in cell strip printing, tissue printing, and fabricating scaffolds. Laser based would experience the fastest growth in the forecast period.

Applications of the 3D bioprinting market include bioinks, biosensors, medical, pills, implants, prosthetics, food & animal product testing, tissue & organ generation, dental, and medical. Medical is likely to dominate the market, with more than 32% share by 2022. Medical pills would enjoy significant growth on account of demand for medicines. These medicines can be mass-produced using 3D bioprinting.

In August 2015, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals was the first company to have received FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approval for 3D printing their drug, ‘Spritam.’ North America captured a share above 35% in 2014. It would lead the market during the forecast period, with over 10% CAGR. This regional market would undergo windfall due to sophisticated medical infrastructure and high disposable incomes.

Asia Pacific will remain lucrative considering its research investments and adoption of healthcare technologies. Players of the worldwide 3D bioprinting market include 3Dynamics Systems, Organovo Holding Inc., Cyfuse Biomedical, Solidscape, and Luxexcel Group BV. They hold exhibitions and seminars to raise public awareness regarding 3D bioprinting. They even collaborate with research institutes to improve their technologies and grow their size.

3D Bioprinting Market

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