Neurostimulation Devices Market – Analytical Insights, Trends And Forecasts, 2014 To 2020

Neurostimulation technology includes the utilization of microelectrodes. These electrodes stimulate components of the nervous system. Neurostimulation technology makes use of a device to transport electrical signals to the nervous system at certain time periods. The device is referred to as a neurostimulation device. It has a size akin to that of a stop-watch and is battery-powered. The device is embedded in the brain via surgical means. It helps electrical signals to activate the concerned nerve.

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Neurostimulation procedures assist in treating neuro-disorders and chronic pains. In conditions with chronic pain, these procedures don’t allow painful sensations to reach the brain. These sensations are blocked at the very site of the injured nerve. Rising brain disorders are steering the sales of the neurostimulation devices market around the globe. These devices are getting increasingly popular and gaining wide recognition with time. They are also helpful in treating Parkinson’s disease, nociceptive pain, depression, epilepsy and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Neuropathic pain happens as a result of nerve injury. Nociceptive pain is a consequence of cancer, diabetes and arthritis. When general drug therapies fail to treat the aforementioned conditions, neurostimulation devices come handy. Neurostimulation procedures are also considered as one of the last resorts for chronic neuro-disorders. The worldwide neurostimulation devices market is projected to experience considerable growth through the forecast phase.

Augmented consciousness with respect to brain disorders and boosting spendings in the research and development of advanced neurostimulation devices are estimated to propel the income of the neurostimulation devices market. Apart from these, the accelerated old population triggering the onset of neuro illnesses furthers the market. Conversely, optional therapies for neuro-disorders and side effects of neurostimulation technology limit the flow of the neurostimulation devices market and hinder its pace.

The worldwide market stood at around USD 5, 089 million in 2014. It is estimated to rise to around USD 10, 445 million by 2020. The neurostimulation devices market is set to record about 12.6 percent CAGR in the forecast phase.

Regions Insights

The North American neurostimulation devices market is expanding further. This is owing to the rising prevalence of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases in the region. Additionally, various proposals by government and individual organizations for escalating consciousness regarding neurological disorders are also driving the region. Apart from these, significant investments in the research and development of neurostimulation technology are steering the regional neurostimulation devices market forward.

Europe is growing on account of increased governmental proposals for enhancing the medical facilities of the region. The growth is also driven by escalating aged population and rising neuro-disorders. The Asian Pacific neurostimulation devices market is expanding most swiftly. This is owing to the boosting population of old people and escalating awareness regarding neuro and psychiatric disorders in the region.

Categories Outlook

The neurostimulation devices market is divided on the basis of five categories. These are applications, devices, external devices, implantable devices and geographical regions. Surging demand for these devices across all the applications is also anticipated to drive the neurostimulation devices market ahea

Neurostimulation Devices Market

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Electronic Health Records Market Size – Likely At USD 24 Billion By 2020

The worldwide Electronic Health Records Market was anticipated at about USD 15 billion in 2013. It is predicted to rise at around 6 percent CAGR from 2014 to 2020. The said phase is termed as forecast period. The market is projected to increase to about USD 24 billion by 2020. Electronic health records are the digital forms of health data of individuals or populations.

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EHRs store lots of medical data and are accessible only to certified people. The EHR (electronic health records) market is expected to grow in the years to come. This is owing to growing adoption of EHR systems across medical amenities. Data in EHR systems comprise medications, health history of patients, diagnostic images, laboratory test results and demographics.

In the years gone by, the implementation of EHR systems has been higher in medium to big hospitals. This is owing to hospitals having bigger finances than clinics having smaller ones. However, through the forecast phase, the EHR (electronic health records) market for smaller healthcare clinics is estimated to experience imperative expansion.

Benefits linked with EHR systems and fiscal incentives by different governments are propelling further demand for the EHR (electronic health records) market. Decreased healthcare inaccuracies, fast access to health information of patients and decreased medical expenses are some of the benefits offered by these systems and are responsible for furthering the market.

The EHR (electronic health records) market is fragmented into three categories. These include consumers, ways of adoption and geographical regions. Ambulatory centers and hospitals are the various consumers. Client-server based EHR and web-based EHR are the various ways of adoption. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world are the various regions of the EHR (electronic health records) market.

Electronic Health Records Market

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Defibrillators Market Size – Estimated To Record A CAGR Of 7 Percent In Future

Defibrillation entails providing prescribed quantities of electrical energy to the heart. This is done using an instrument, known as a defibrillator. The worldwide defibrillators market is projected to rise at about 7 percent CAGR through the forecast phase. Fast expansion in the population of old people who are at a higher threat of target illnesses and coming up of state-of-the-art defibrillators propel further development for the defibrillators market.

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Increasing cardiac ailments and growing consciousness programs around the world also add revenue to the market. Apart from the above mentioned components, driving the defibrillators market, augmented concentration of individual and civic establishments towards defibrillators also propels further demand for the market. Conversely, absence of consciousness with regard to unexpected heart attacks slows down the progress of the defibrillators market.

Problems in relation to defibrillators also prevent the market from expanding further. Unsupportive medical policies and trends in North America and numerous product recalls also hinder the growth of the defibrillators market. In addition to these, the growing pricing demands on members of the market are yet another significant hindrance for the defibrillators market. Developing markets, like India, China, Brazil and Mexico are the new income pouches for organizations that are busy in the promotion and growth of defibrillators.

Fast growing population of the aged and augmented concentration of international organizations on developing economies in these regions are significant components, pushing demand for the defibrillators market in developing markets. Apart from these, urbanizing medical infrastructure and high incidences of cardiac ailments also propel further development for the defibrillators market in developing markets.

Defibrillators Market

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Genomics Market Size – Anticipated To Rise At 12 Percent CAGR In The Future

Genomics is referred to as analysis of genes, chromosomes and their functions in chase of facets useful in managing or checking illnesses via immunizations or drug treatments. Escalating rivalry in pharmaceuticals and rising demand for genetically modified crops are some of the primary factors that drive demand for this market.

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The plummeting costs of genomic methods also drive the market ahead. The surfacing of evolutionary research activities in genomics is projected to add income to the genomics market. Increased research and developments to discover more about the genomes of organisms also propel demand for the market.

The worldwide genomics market is estimated to witness a double digit CAGR during the forecast phase. It was anticipated to have generated revenue worth about USD 11 billion in 2013. The market is anticipated to rise at about 12 percent during the forecast phase. It is projected to achieve around USD 19 billion by 2018. The genomics market is divided into technologies, applications, products and geographical regions.

The technologies sector is divided further into DNA microarrays, bioinformatics and other technologies. The applications sector is divided into drug discovery, drug diagnostics, agriculture and animal research, personalized medicines, educational research and others. The products sector of the genomics market is segmented on the basis of consumables, instruments and services.

The region sector is fragmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Asia Pacific and rest of the world. Augmented fiscal support by governments and state-of-the-art technologies are predicted to improve the genomics market conditions. The developing applications of research and experiments in genomics and reduced costs of consumables and instruments offer development prospects to the genomics market.

Genomics Market

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Medical Gas Equipment Market Share – Expected To Grow In The Near Future

The medical gas equipment market has huge potential for further growth. This is owing to escalating population of the aged. Consequential augmentation in chronic breathing illnesses and innovations in pharmaceuticals also drive the market. However, periodically altering regulatory concerns with respect to medical gas policies result in high costs. These concerns appear to prevent the medical gas equipment market from growing further.

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Global medical gas equipment market, by product, 2012 – 2020 (USD Million)

Apart from structural drivers the market has, there are some geographic components also which drive it forward. Rising economies are gradually getting more attractive. The region of Asia Pacific is a highly capable medical gas equipment market. Budding nations, like China and India have high CAGR figures and are anticipated to witness imperative market development. This owes to increase in respiratory diseases and augmentation in medical infrastructure and per capita returns.

The medical gas equipment market has witnessed a standard shift in the use of technologically developed and enhanced products. This has led to growth in the market. The market has even witnessed widespread development in the last few years. Worldwide scarcity of helium hinders market growth to a certain extent. The market is fragmented on the basis of applications, products and geographical regions. It is estimated to rise during the predicted phase, at about 7 to 8 percent CAGR.

Growing population and rising chronic diseases also drive the medical gas equipment market. Additionally, boost in health consciousness among people, supported by increased medical investments in developing nations is expected to add revenue to the market. North America leaded the market in 2012. It is expected to remain likewise till 2018. 2013 to 2018 remains the predicted phase. North America occupies share worth 40 – 45 percent in the worldwide medical gas equipment market.

Increasing demand for permanent medical services in the coming years is expected to remain the biggest propeller of the North American market. The medical gas equipment market of Europe follows the former and accounts for around 33 percent of the share.

Medical Gas Equipment Market Share

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Sleep Apnea Devices Market Size – Estimated To Rise Through The Projected Phase

Problems with sleeping are quite common and are also referred to as a worldwide epidemic. Sleep apnea is one such problem. Obstructive sleep apnea is very prevalent. About eighty four percent of those afflicted with sleep apnea are detected with obstructive sleep apnea. Research has shown that there are around hundred million obstructive sleep apnea cases in the world and eighty percent out of them remains undetected.

The sleep apnea devices market is new and is achieving momentum with time. This momentum is taking place at a quick rate, particularly in urbanized geographical regions. The sleep apnea devices market demand is predicted to augment at a quicker rate. This is owing to growing consciousness among patients and doctors about this illness.

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The market is experiencing extraordinary development across the globe owing to massive need for advanced methodologies of treatment. It is necessary for people to sleep well in order to make sure that they remain healthy. The rapid expansion of the medical devices industry is considered to be a major component, driving demand for the sleep apnea devices market.

The sleep apnea devices market was found worth about USD 3, 805 million in 2012. It is estimated to increase from 2013 to 2019, at about 8 percent CAGR. The quick innovations in technology and growing consciousness regarding sleep apnea are anticipated to offer huge prospects of improvement to the market. The sleep apnea devices market is expected to witness maximum development over the projected period.

Not agreeing to resort to these devices for treatment, heavy uneasiness and consistency of remedial devices are expected to prevent the approval of sleep apnea devices. This is likely to prevent the sleep apnea devices market from growing further. North America occupied the biggest share in the market in 2012. It was trailed by Europe in the same year. Both these continents accounted for the lion’s share in the sleep apnea devices market.

This is owing to growing sleep apnea cases, rising awareness about them and increasing acceptance of sleep apnea devices.

Sleep Apnea Devices Market Size

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Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Market Share To 2020: New tissue engineering technique can potentially create organs

A new tissue engineering technique coupled with special mechanisms has given rise to a new form of bio-engineering which may one day generate new organs.

BioP3, a new device created by scientists at the Brown University holds immense potential in tissue engineering. It can already generate new tissues and scientists at the University are hopeful that it will play a defining role in creating organs as well.

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Currently 3D printing of organs is seen as one way of achieving sustenance for organ replacement in the future. However, the technology used in BioP3 could give 3D printing in bio-engineering a good run.

The device is currently manually operated by the scientists given the early nature of the invention.

The idea behind the technology is stacking up of tissue pieces one over another. The tissue pieces here are known as “micro-tissues” and are created using a technique called “micro-moulding”. This technique was also developed by the same scientists at Brown as part of the larger process.

Using micro-moulding, cells can be made to take any shape as directed. These individual pieces, or micro-tissues, are then stacked one over the other using a suction nozzle. After a “short time”, these tissues bind together to form the larger composition in the form of an organ.

However, given the lack of automation in this new system, it takes over an hour to stack merely a handful of micro-tissues. The resultant formation is much smaller than what a full-sized organ would be like.

On a brighter note, the group recently received about 1.4 Million in funding and with sustained development, this technology could compete with the currently propagated plan of using bio-printing to make organs which takes tediously long time.

What started as merely tissue engineering could soon lead to faster generation of body organs.

Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Market Share

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Nebulizers Market Size To 2020: Handling – Nebulizers

Nebulizer is a drug delivery device used to inhale medicines in form of mist, this is directed towards lungs. Nebulizers are battery powered or electric machines. The shape and size varies, sometimes it could be noisy and bulky, require to be plugged. For this to be inhaled, a facemask or mouthpiece is required and to be stationed at one place. Improper use of nebulizer leads to wastage of medicine.

After every use Nebulizers needs to be rinsed thoroughly with warm water, once washed allow it to dry. Before the day is over, nebulizer mask, mouthpiece, mask must be washed with soapy water and dry. The compressor tubing needs not be cleaned.

After every 3 days completion, this needs to be disinfectant using the water/vinegar solution with proportion such as one and half cup water and half cup vinegar. Soak the device for 20 minutes then rinse it.