Financial Analytics Market Size – Witnessing Significant Growth In Future

The financial analytics market has observed decent growth in the past. Financial analytics is a method that is adopted in companies to increase their productivity. It helps companies in forecasting and making decisions.

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The primary factors driving the financial analytics market are high data intensity, technological improvements in BI (business intelligence) and rising concerns towards data transparency. All these factors provide competitive advantage to the market. However, security concerns and huge business dimensions are likely to restrain the market over the forecast period.

The financial analytics market can be segmented into three major categories, including types, applications, verticals and geographies. On the basis of types, the market can be fragmented into query, reporting and analysis, DBMS (database management system), analytical analysis, data integration tools, consulting and support services, OLAP (online analytical processing) and visualization tools.

The applications financial analytics market can be divided into general ledger management, receivable management, assets and liability management, profitability management, payable management, budgetary control management, general ledger management and GRC (governance, risk and compliance).

The financial analytics market, on the basis of verticals, can be segregated into healthcare and life science, manufacturing, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), travel and hospitality, consumer goods and retail, transportation and logistics, government and telecommunication.

Improvements in business models, including B2B (business to business), B2C (business to customers) and business to employees have led to the emergence of huge opportunities for the financial analytics market. Geographically, the financial analytics market can be categorized into major four regions, including North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and ROW (rest of the world).

Financial Analytics Market

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Unified Communication Market Size – Fragmented Into Four Categories

Unified communication is expanding fast and produces tremendous curiosity in developer and enterprise communities. It is a pre incorporated, highly consistent, enduringly modernized and getting ready to go service that improves the efficiency of clients and speeds up decision making and business procedures whilst decreasing the costs.

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Unified communication is estimated to be an important component that facilitates the demand for the unified communication market. Moreover, cloud based access is making unified communications, accessible to a broad variety of consumers and establishments. The switch from on-field to cloud-based unified communication prototype is expected to drive demand for the unified communication market in the years to come.

The main components that drive the unified communication market include growing demand and implementation in small-medium manufacturing companies. Constant service maintenance with strong partnership implements also push the market ahead. The features of pay per use and low price of proprietorship are some high-flying components that push the demand for the unified communication market.

Ineffectivity of operations on a significant level and safeguarding of the safety facet of communication prevent the further expansion of this market. Various industries, like client goods; logistics and conveyance; and software and telecom prospectively drive the retailers of the unified communication market. The worldwide market is segmented into organization size, components, industry verticals and geographical regions.

Many advantages are provided by unified communication systems. Some of these are pay according to requirements, price reasonability and decrease of journeying time. All these advantages increase the adoption of unified communication in business and propel the demand for this market. Various unexploited markets also exist that have massive prospects.

The useful implementation of unified communication in big establishments considering the secrecy and safety of data acts as a major hindrance for the market. The future development prospects of the unified communication market are predicted to shine, as businesses keep on hunting for profitable and reasonably priced unified communication systems.

Unified Communication Market

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Quantum Dots Market Size – University students create quantum dots using e-jet printing.

In the University of Illinois, a team of scientists who belong to to materials science and engineering analysis departments along-side researchers from Erciyes University in Turkey have authored a paper known as High-Resolution Patterns of Quantum Dots square shaped by Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing for LEDs. The paper was printed in the ACS journal.

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They describe that the materials and operational conditions that yield high-resolution printing of layers of quantum dots with precise management over thickness and submicron lateral resolution and capabilities, to be used as active layers of QD light-emitting diodes.

Patterning Quantum Dots with precise management of the thicknesses and nano-scale lateral dimensions, represent crucial capabilities for advanced applications. The thickness will be controlled through a mixture of printing parameters as well as the scale of the nozzle, the overall speed of the stage, ink mixture and voltage.

Their work on high-resolution patterns of quantum dots is of interest because it shows that advanced techniques in e-jet printing provide robust capabilities in patterning quantum dot materials from inks, that too over massive areas.

E-jet printing normally refers to a way known as electrohydrodynamic jet, represented as a nano-manufacturing method that uses an electrical field to induce fluid jet printing through micro or even nano-scale nozzles.

This kind of printer works by pushing ink droplets out of the nozzle,thereby creating smaller droplets. An electrical field at the nozzle gap causes ions to be created on the cartilage of the ink driblet.

According to the report, dots, lines, squares, and complicated pictures of Quantum Dot patterns square measure doable, with tunable dimensions and thickness. These arrays in addition as those created with multiple completely different Quantum Dots composition structure, directly patterned or simply stacked by e-jet printing, can be utilised as photoluminescent and electroluminescent layers.

Quantum Dots Market

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SaaS Based CRM Software Market Size – Protrak launches new version of CRM software

ProTrak International, which is a New York based and is primarily a CRM software supplier for hedge funds, has launched Version Ten of its Advantage CRM product that has on-premises, browser-based, and mobile licenses.

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This effectively incorporates a variety of time-saving enhancements indicative of a vigorous international user community that frequently adds to Advantage’s industry-focused, out-of-the-box practicality.

Some of the key options embody the introduction of a brand new UI, iStore application and Blackberry licenses. Additionally the new feature has the benefit of watermarking PDF files and conjointly expands audit logs to improve security and compliance capability.

Furthermore, there is an increased filtering directly on the front screens the results of that are shown in Excel-type reporting and email-only license to capture and save to the information regarding all incoming and outward-bound messages for non-ProTrak users.

Over the past twenty five years, Protak has witnessed a technology shift from desktops to smart devices such as phones and tablets and from the Internet at large. The firm has firm unbrokenly maintained their current CRM product, Advantage, within the forefront of innovation against their prime competitors.

Few such software firms across the industry-span have had the privilege of such a history of advancements for a flagship product like the Advantage.

ProTrak’s numerous Advantage CRM license choices (that allow the right-sizing of usage intensity to cost) all gain from ProTrak’s user-focused developmental move.

Clients utilising ProTrak’s non-public cloud or on-premises structure have already begun putting in the new Version and can still proceed with upgradation throughout 2015.

ProTrack is widely expected to launch another upgrade wither in the final quarter of 2015 or in the early days leading upto 2016. Most firms build up the curiosity by a pre-launch introduction to what rests ahead and profiting for the resultant sales surge.

SaaS Based CRM Software Market

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Big Data Market Size – In The Process Of Further Growth

Big data initially represented something that illustrated datasets having sizes outside the capacity of conventional databases. These datasets store, capture, study and administer data to solve complicated problems. However, the capacity of this term has gone further in the past years. Big data not only means data itself but also a group of technologies that deals with data to solve intricate problems.

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Big data has also turned one of the most imperative components for business accomplishments across different verticals. Production of digital information from online to fiscal services across all sectors of business is increasing the demand for the big data market. The wide-ranging data that is produced from online clicks to satellite data also drives the big data market ahead.

The constant requirement to accumulate and further data leads to augmented demand for the big data market. The widespread implementation of this technology has already started. But developing trends indicate towards a rapidly expanding market that is estimated to expand further. The big data market is anticipated to increase from about USD 3 billion in 2010 to USD 17 billion in 2015.

It is likely to register about 39 percent CAGR during the said phase. The big data market is progressing quickly and blending services and technology from various sectors. It is anticipated to display strong expansion in the coming five years. Products and services with respect to big data have constantly developed since 2013 from the point of view of characteristics.

This has increased the implementation of big data technology. It has also driven the demand for the big data market. However, the biggest factor that prevents further growth of the market includes concerns with respect to security and confidentiality. Big data technologies have taken significant steps towards security, confidentiality and governance and furthered the demand for the big data market.

Big Data Market

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Automotive Air Filters Market Size – Likely To Have Improved Status In The Future

Automotive air filters are essential elements of automobiles. There are two kinds of automotive air filters. These are cabin air filters and intake air filters. The worldwide automotive air filters market was predicted near about USD 4 billion in 2013. It is anticipated to increase to about USD 5 billion by the end of the forecast phase. This increase is likely to happen at about 7 percent CAGR from 2013 to 2018 (forecast phase).

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Global automotive air filters market revenue, by product 2012-2020, (USD Million)

Escalating demand from automotives and boost in disposable earnings are expected to drive demand for the automotive air filters market. Cabin air filters stop dust from entering the cabin of the vehicle through the HVAC escape system. Intake air filters help in keeping foreign substances away from the incineration panel of the engine.

Increased acquaintance of clients with health disorders caused by contaminated air is anticipated to drive the automotive air filters market ahead. Differing standards of living and strict policies with respect to ejection of smoke and usage of vehicles are also anticipated to drive further demand for the market. Automobiles having air conditioned divisions are improving the automotive air filters market conditions.

Growing demand of air filters in vehicles, so that polluted smoke and dust particles can be avoided while driving, propels the automotive air filters market ahead. Passenger automobiles are the primary sector across which such air filters are used. Asia Pacific and Latin America account for large ownership of these automobiles. They, thus, drive the demand for their automotive air filters markets.

Escalating disposable earnings in China, Brazil and India have led to increased ownership of automobiles. This in turn has improved the automotive air filters market conditions in these regions. Also, the growing need to install air filters in automobiles in spite of them being air conditioned or not, also increases the worldwide market.

The automotive air filters market is segmented further on the basis of product kinds and geographical regions.

Automotive Air Filters Market

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Mobile Wallet Market Size – Expanding In The Future

Mobile wallet enables clients to make payments through the phone while travelling. Cleints can do the same from any place at any time. The worldwide mobile wallet market is estimated to hit a revenue size of almost USD 5, 250 billion in 2020. It is projected to rise through the predicted phase, at almost 127 percent CAGR. The predicted phase continues from 2013 to 2020.

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Global mobile wallet market by application, (USD Billion), 2012 – 2020

The mobile wallet market is expected to be propelled ahead in the future by some factors. Increased consciousness with regard to mobile wallets and their applications, growing safety measures and enhanced infiltration of smart phones are anticipated to drive demand for this market. The market is experiencing worldwide expansion, with growing implementation of mobile payment services.

It is also experiencing major development owing to the availability of better payment options to clients. More than 70 percent of the users of smart phones are keen on implementing mobile payment procedures. Almost 15 percent of these have already followed these procedures. Nonetheless, the inability of clients to make payments owing to no power or battery in their phones, hinders the mobile wallet market.

This market is segmented on the basis of functionalities, consumer kinds, components, geographical regions and industrial contributors. On the basis of functionality, the mobile wallet market is divided into multi function, single function and universal function. Online shoppers, cash players and card users are the three kinds of consumers in the market.

Software, hardware and services are the three components. On the basis of regions, the worldwide mobile wallet market is segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The industrial contributors of the mobile wallet market include payment network, fiscal organizations, clients, merchants, mediators and MNOs.

Increase in the consumption of mobile data also promotes the mobile wallet market.

Mobile Wallet Market

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Physical Security Market Size – Expected To Increase Further

Physical security refers to physical safety. It can be described as those steps which are taken to prevent damage to official organizations by restricting access to these places. Safety concerns with regard to people and their official documents have furthered the demand for the physical security market. The growing implementation of physical security systems in offices and corporate organizations is expected to drive further demand for this market.

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The increasing need to remain safe in an environment which is constantly threatened by anti-social elements also drives the physical security market. The incorporated security systems demand is escalating fast owing to product and technological innovations that decrease the costs in security administration. Governmental organizations have been actively taking part in unfolding safety guidelines for industries and workplaces. Strong rules of safety also ensure safety during work and prevent fiscal losses.

Thus, the physical security market is expanding fast across the world. It is divided into four categories. These include verticals, systems, services and geographical regions. The market consists of various products and services. Out of all these, biometrics occupies a primary share in the market. The physical security market is expected to undergo steady expansion in developing nations. These nations are anticipated to witness a rise in the demand for physical security products and services.

With augmented terrorist attacks and sabotages in the world, the demand for these systems is estimated to improve. The attacks are also likely to cause people to invest more on these systems in the future. Also, the increased approval of such systems across the world is predicted to trigger the market growth. Clients not only seek devices that are high-tech and modern but also which come with minimum botheration and maximum benefits. Their doing so improves the demand for the physical security market.

Recent developments prove beyond doubt that the physical security market is increasing and will continue to do so over the near future.

Physical Security Market Size

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Fiber Optics Market Size To 2020: Sonic expands fiber optics services in California

Sonic, a California based networking firm has completed the a large scale upgradation of a office park in Santa Rosa, a move being observed by many as a sign of aggressive expansion in the state. This happens at a time when other internet service providing giants like Verizon and AT&T have begun their penetration into Sonoma County.

Sonic started as a small internet that relied its survival and push on old dial-up connection services. However, since the rapid rise of broadband in the US in the late 2000s, the firm started focusing on driving up its service for the upgraded technology. In 2011, Sonic entered the fiber optics market. The first project it successfully implemented was a residential one one in Sebastopol. From there on it won bids to for projects in San Francisco and Stanford University.

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The company is poised to announce additional fiber projects in the first quarter of this year, including both residential and business-focused services. Its fiber optic network allows Sonic to provide businesses with lightning-fast download speeds of 1 gigabit per second and offer business customers a cloud-based phone service.

The new fiber optic network runs a total of nine miles, past 250 buildings and an estimated 500 businesses of various sizes in the Airport Business Center.

Sonic’s arc rivals, AT&T and Comcast also have significant presence in the area.

AT&T offers several fiber-based services to businesses in the Airport Business Center, as well as network security, online backup and other cloud-based services, spokeswoman Georgia Taylor said. The company also offers packages bundled with its wireless LTE network, touting it as the strongest and most reliable network of its kind in the nation.

Comcast too has also been quite aggressive in its expansion plans especially in North Carolina. It currently offers fiber optic Internet service at 105 Airport Blvd., on the other side of Highway 101, and has a pending contract for fiber service to American Ag Credit on Concourse Boulevard near the airport business park. The firms offer peak into Internet speeds up of 10 gigabits per second.

Fiber Optics Market Size

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3D Printing Market Share To 2020: The reason behind the Google Fiber fiver

However, as 2014 saw the dawn of some defining technologies from 3D printing to Google Glass. In between came the rise of delivering high speed internet using fiber optics cable against the traditional broadbands. However, Google’s Fiber project takes internet speed to a whole new level. While it faces other competitors, people seem to be having special craving for the Google brand. However there is much than just sheer brand value that makes Google Fiber so appealing that cities are lining up and placing their best bets to get Google into entering their city.

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In general, there was a giant leap from using a dial-up connection to using a broadband connection. This brought in numerous changes in the way people carried out their activities as they could now use faster connections. While still meditating on this amazing development in internet tech, another development came in and this involved leaping from broadband connections to high-speed fiber optic networks.

The face of the internet as we know it is about to change with the introduction of the Google Fiber – an internet connection service by Google. Google Fiber is presently available in just 3 cities – Austin, Kansas and Provo with plans to launch in 9 other cities – Salt Lake, Portland, San Jose, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Antonio.

The closest competitor of Fiber is Verizon Fios which has more cities under its grip than Google. However, what leaves people craving for Google is the low prices, brand image and quality associated with the brand image. Verizon charges about $350 for its service at an average while the same drops to $120 for Google with a $300 one-time setup charge. With those numbers Google customers save hundreds or thousands of dollars based on their internet plan, against Verizon.

The best part of this Google service is that it will offer users with a much improved connection speed of 1 Gbps, be it downloading or uploading. Looking at this in real time shows that this speed will be at least 100 times faster than what an average American citizen has. What this means is that you can download an entire movie within 2-5 minutes.

However, before using this service, ensure that your device has support for Gigabit Ethernet as well as category 5 cabling or greater. Alternatively, you can also have an 802.11 AC compatible Wi-Fi router and a wireless adapter.

3D Printing Market Share

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