Mushroom Market Size – Fragmented Into Four And Propelled By Certain Factors

By   | April 20, 2015 |   Price: 4950  |   Category: Food & Beverages

Mushrooms are made, processed and eaten in several nations on a wide scale. The mushroom market is propelled, mainly by growing demand for organic products. Mushrooms are broadly eaten in various nations of Asia, like India, China and Japan. Asia, as far as consumption is concerned, occupies most of the share in the worldwide mushroom market.

Asia is followed by North America and Europe. Europe dominates the mushroom market in terms of processing and manufacturing. The worldwide market has displayed striking expansion in the last few years. It is anticipated to display great prospectives in the years to come. The market is fragmented further on the basis of four sectors.

These include kinds, categories, applications and geographies. The kinds sector is divided into oysters, buttons and shiitakes. The categories mushroom market is segmented into fresh, canned, chilled, frozen and processed. The applications sector consists of direct consumption, recipes and F and B processing. The geographies mushroom market is sliced into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and rest of the world.

The market is also propelled ahead by growing development of high-yield structures and escalating infiltration in demand. Increased tendencies of clients towards value-added products and augmented health consciousness propel further demand for the mushroom market. The growing power of supermarkets also contributes towards the sales of this market.

Besides components that drive the market, there are others which prevent expansion. These are the utilization of unsafe constituents and shorter shelf life of mushrooms. Growing rivalry and increasing power of supermarkets would act as growth prospects for the mushroom market.

Information Source: Grand View Research