After US explosion, Holland youth becomes victim to aerosol misuse

After an aerosol can explosion in a University in the United States, another misuse report of this spirited industrial substance has emerged, this time from Holland.

On autopsy of the body of a 20-year old man who was found dead in September has revealed that he had inhaled aerosol before his death.

Holland Hospitals has further determined that the cause of Soto’s death was drowning, but the inhalants likely led to to him drowning in the first place.

Several chemicals found in commercial aerosol products were found in significant traces in the deceased’s blood.

Inhaling fumes from aerosols such as cleaners, markers or glue is known as “huffing,” a habit Soto’s mother has said publicly acknowledged that his son indeed had.

Huffing causes a brief “euphoria” , which is characterized by light-headedness, but is very dangerous. It can cause a lack of oxygen in the participants, who commonly pass out, and can even cause heart failure due to uneven heart beats which the substances trigger. It has been suggested that the 20-year old continued huffing for a long time to have an effect which lead to his death.

According to Ottawa County’s medical examiner, Dr. David Start, huffing is related to one or two deaths examined in his office every year. Death related to drug use has become a more common cause of death in Michigan than deaths from car crashes, he said.

He further expressed his concern over the rising cases of drug over doze, especially among the young population.






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