Allantoin Market – Size, Insights, Sectors And Trends, 2015 To 2022

Allantoin refers to a powder and is white in color. It is a nitrogenous composite and found in different mammals excluding primates and humans.Allantoinexists in amniotic fluid, allantoic fluid and fetal urine. It acts as a remedy and promotes the development of tissues. Allantoin is valuable in terms of curative features and also utilized in cosmetic, personal care and skin care products. Rising demand for allantoin across these products is estimated to drive the demand for the allantoin market through the forecast period.

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Allantoin exists in the urine of different mammals and vegetal extracts of comfrey plants. It is non-poisonous and safe and well-suited for unrefined materials of cosmetic products. Creams and balms which are allantoin-based are utilized to take care of skin disorders. These disorders may include sunburnt skin, diaper rashes and chapped lips and skin. Allantoin is utilized to quicken the curingpace of burns, cuts and bruises on humans. Moreover, it is also utilized in shampoos to prevent or treat hair disorders.

The powder is utilized for treating skin burns in cancer treatment. It also exists in mouthwashes, toothpastes and oralproducts. Rising demand for allantoin across these application products is also predicted to drive the demand for theallantoin market in the future. Increased demand for hair and skin care is estimated to steer the sales of relevant products during the forecast period. This is owing to rising consciousness regarding the health of hair and skin.Increased demand for such products also drives the allantoinmarket ahead.

The allantoin market is estimated to attain a size of about USD 642 million by 2022. The rising scope of allantoin in the sector of pharmaceuticals is also projected to steer the growth of the market.


The worldwide allantoinmarket is fragmented on account of applications and geographical regions. The applications market consists of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and others. Accelerated demand for allantoin across these sectors is projected to propel further demand for the allantoin market. The sector of cosmetics dominated the applications market. This tendency is likely to continue during the forecast period.

Quick urbanization, along with accelerated disposable earnings is anticipated to raise the demand for the allantoin market inside the cosmetics industry through the forecast period. Escalated utilization of the powder in aftershave lotions, deodorants and foot care creams due to its favorable features is also expected to impact the market in a positive manner.

Augmented demand for allontoin in oral care applications, like mouth ulcer jellies is also predicted to steer the demand for the allantoin market. Allantoin possesses healing properties which augur well for the market and steer it forward. The geographical regions market includes Europe, rest of the world, Asia Pacific and North America. Asia Pacific dominated the regions sector.

It occupied the biggest share. This was because of increased demand for allantoin in the sectors of cosmetics, oral care and pharmaceuticals in the region. The Asian Pacific allantoin market is likely to boost further on account of escalated disposable earnings. North America made up for a considerable share. However, it is anticipated to develop slowly in the years to come.

This is on account of sluggish industrial expansion in the region. Europe is a moderatelydeveloped allantoin market.

Allantoin Market

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