Amino Acids Market – Size, Outlook And Trends, 2015 To 2022

Amino acids refer to organic composites manufactured from the carboxylic acid and amine functional groups. The vital ingredients of amino acids are hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Fundamentally, they can be fragmented as delta, alpha, beta and gamma. Due to their biological importance, amino acids are frequently utilized in food technology, nutritional enhancements and fertilizers. In manufacturing applications, they are utilized for generating biodegradable plastics, drugs and chiral catalysts.

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Amino acids are utilized across a broad variety of applications. They also execute many functions in humans and animals. With growing technological innovations and escalating understanding of the features and functions of amino acids, the use of amino acids for commercial purposes are also augmenting. Huge scale manufacture and new production technology of amino acids are making them increasingly cost effective. This is expanding the amino acids market further.


Human food and animal feed form a prime part of the amino acids market. With boosting worldwide population and growing living standards,  the applications of amino acids in the sectors of food and feed are estimated to rise at a stable pace in the future. This factor is also projected to drive further demand for the amino acids market. The market is likely to generate income worth about USD 9.4 billion by 2018. It is anticipated to attain a CAGR of around 2.4 percent through the forecast period.

Commercially, amino acids can be utilized as nutritive preservatives, animal feed enhancements and flavoring for human food. Their wide usage in the sectors of aesthetics, medical, therapeutics, industrial and research is also predicted to steer the amino acids market forward. Amino acids are being growingly utilized as nutritional proteins as food complements for humans and to strengthen animal feeds. They are also utilized for different inventions in medicine and healthcare as they can be utilized for manufacturing any number of polypeptides.

Their broad usage across so many different applications augurs well for the amino acids market and steers further demand for it.  Increased meat consumption, in combination with high livestock manufacture is estimated to steer the sales of animal feed additives. This component is likely to be vital in the further development of the amino acids market during the coming seven years. Rising meat consumption as a protein source across the globe is also reported to positively impact the market.

Population growth in China and India and other regions of the world are also estimated to add impetus to the worldwide market. Growing demand for food and dietary complements and rising obese cases in the younger population of the United Kingdom and United States are also expected to generate income for the amino acids market in the future.

Sources Leader

Plant based raw materials have been dominating the sources sector of the amino acids market in the last few years.

Products Leader

The products amino acids market was dominated by L-Glutamate in 2014.

Applications Leader

Animal feed leaded the global market in 2014.

Regional Leader

The amino acids market was dominated by Asia Pacific in 2014.

Amino Acids Market

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