Automotive Air Filters Market Size – Likely To Have Improved Status In The Future

Automotive air filters are essential elements of automobiles. There are two kinds of automotive air filters. These are cabin air filters and intake air filters. The worldwide automotive air filters market was predicted near about USD 4 billion in 2013. It is anticipated to increase to about USD 5 billion by the end of the forecast phase. This increase is likely to happen at about 7 percent CAGR from 2013 to 2018 (forecast phase).

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Global automotive air filters market revenue, by product 2012-2020, (USD Million)

Escalating demand from automotives and boost in disposable earnings are expected to drive demand for the automotive air filters market. Cabin air filters stop dust from entering the cabin of the vehicle through the HVAC escape system. Intake air filters help in keeping foreign substances away from the incineration panel of the engine.

Increased acquaintance of clients with health disorders caused by contaminated air is anticipated to drive the automotive air filters market ahead. Differing standards of living and strict policies with respect to ejection of smoke and usage of vehicles are also anticipated to drive further demand for the market. Automobiles having air conditioned divisions are improving the automotive air filters market conditions.

Growing demand of air filters in vehicles, so that polluted smoke and dust particles can be avoided while driving, propels the automotive air filters market ahead. Passenger automobiles are the primary sector across which such air filters are used. Asia Pacific and Latin America account for large ownership of these automobiles. They, thus, drive the demand for their automotive air filters markets.

Escalating disposable earnings in China, Brazil and India have led to increased ownership of automobiles. This in turn has improved the automotive air filters market conditions in these regions. Also, the growing need to install air filters in automobiles in spite of them being air conditioned or not, also increases the worldwide market.

The automotive air filters market is segmented further on the basis of product kinds and geographical regions.

Automotive Air Filters Market

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