Cumene Market Size – Estimated To Have Income Worth USD 14, 198 Million By 2018

Cumene is also called isopropyl benzene and is an inorganic composite. It is normally based on sweet-smelling hydrocarbons with aliphatic replacement. It is a dull and combustible liquid and turns into vapor at 152 degree celsius. On an industrial basis, cumene is generated by the alkylation of propylene and benzene. Majority of the times, cumene is transformed into an intermediary for additional applications.

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The different consumer applications of the cumene market include bisphenol A, polycarbonates, phenolic resins, etc. Most of the regions of the world are anticipated to display great demand for the cumene market in the coming years. One of the primary components that drives demand for this market is the flow in demand for phenol in different industries, like composites, plastics, laminates, etc. One more product of cumene, known as acetone is also estimated to have demand in the future.

This factor is anticipated to drive the cumene market as a manufacturing unprocessed material. However, increased contact with cumene can be harmful to health and cause a host of problems. This slows down the cumene market from progressing smoothly. The worldwide cumene market was projected at around USD 9, 106 milllion in 2012. It is predicted to attain about USD 14, 198 million by the end of the forecast phase.

Among the four geographical regions of the worldwide cumene market, North America was the biggest client. It is anticipated to record about 4 percent CAGR through the same phase. The United States of America accounted for being the biggest client in North America.

Cumene Market

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