Fiber Optics Market Size To 2020: Sonic expands fiber optics services in California

Sonic, a California based networking firm has completed the a large scale upgradation of a office park in Santa Rosa, a move being observed by many as a sign of aggressive expansion in the state. This happens at a time when other internet service providing giants like Verizon and AT&T have begun their penetration into Sonoma County.

Sonic started as a small internet that relied its survival and push on old dial-up connection services. However, since the rapid rise of broadband in the US in the late 2000s, the firm started focusing on driving up its service for the upgraded technology. In 2011, Sonic entered the fiber optics market. The first project it successfully implemented was a residential one one in Sebastopol. From there on it won bids to for projects in San Francisco and Stanford University.

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The company is poised to announce additional fiber projects in the first quarter of this year, including both residential and business-focused services. Its fiber optic network allows Sonic to provide businesses with lightning-fast download speeds of 1 gigabit per second and offer business customers a cloud-based phone service.

The new fiber optic network runs a total of nine miles, past 250 buildings and an estimated 500 businesses of various sizes in the Airport Business Center.

Sonic’s arc rivals, AT&T and Comcast also have significant presence in the area.

AT&T offers several fiber-based services to businesses in the Airport Business Center, as well as network security, online backup and other cloud-based services, spokeswoman Georgia Taylor said. The company also offers packages bundled with its wireless LTE network, touting it as the strongest and most reliable network of its kind in the nation.

Comcast too has also been quite aggressive in its expansion plans especially in North Carolina. It currently offers fiber optic Internet service at 105 Airport Blvd., on the other side of Highway 101, and has a pending contract for fiber service to American Ag Credit on Concourse Boulevard near the airport business park. The firms offer peak into Internet speeds up of 10 gigabits per second.

Fiber Optics Market Size

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