Law Enforcement Robots Market Size May Reach $5.7 Billion By 2022

The global law enforcement robots market was valued at nearly USD 1 billion in 2015. It is projected at USD 5.7 billion by 2022. Increasing terrorist activities will impel market growth over the forecast period (2016-2022).Scaling incomes and technological maturity will rapidly make these robots more affordable; further driving the market. The robots provide a level of protection to the human officers on duty to do their job remotely.

Terrorist operate outside the national borders as well as within the country. This has increased the safety & security budget of every country; increasing the use of robots by local police force and military alike. Law enforcement robots aim to safeguard the lives of law enforcement officers in the field. Officers face dangerous situations on the field, risking their lives to safeguard civilians. These manned police (robots) are operated by the police on force. They replace officers in vulnerable situations.

Next-generation law enforcement robots leverage sophisticated design, better material, tablet remote control, and software technology. These robots are implemented as platforms, used for accepting a range of components to repurpose units on the field. The robots are mobile automated process platforms, responsive to homeland security.

Mobile security technology is revolutionizing old security cameras, allowing a proactive approach to security. These robots can survey the field, protecting humans from impending dangers. The robots are equipped with video cameras facilitating communication and visual. The market comprises applications and products.

Applications, law enforcement robots respond to hostage taking, barricaded law breakers, surveillance, terrorists, bomb disposal, training, and natural disasters.

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Bomb squad robots require robots that are flexible and easy to maneuver. In addition to this they require a better technology. The robots can be modified to perform certain activities. Modular systems represent platform technology for the specific robot. The modules can be targeted to specific situations. Remote maneuvering empowers the law enforcement authorities with more functions and improves their performance.

The robots are required by security personnel under dangerous situations. Specifically designed ground robots are used to tackle terrorism, aid fire department, and local law enforcement. They support the community and cities safety patrol. Systems of engagement apps enable specially designed ground robot networks to be used for fire department requirements to and cities safety patrol.

On the basis of products the market is divided into bomb disposal unit, border patrol, and search and rescue robots (SAR), among others. Matilda is a low-cost investigation robot by Mesa Associates. The robot weighs 25 pounds and has rechargeable batteries that can last for nearly 6 to 10 hours. It comes with optional attachment like a detachable breaching mechanism and manipulator arm. Matilda can climb stairs at a 50° incline and can pan & tilt the camera. It also has an option cart which can carry nearly 500 pounds of equipment for the law enforcement team or food for hostages.

Police use search and rescue (SAR) robots are used in rescue missions. For instance, unsafe damaged buildings after a disaster, where first responders are unable to enter. These robots are being developed for search & rescue situation, as global positioning system (GPS) and thermal imaging was added to arsenal accessible to robots. In situations where the officials and/or civilians are wounded but can’t be removed from the scene, SAR robots step in and rescue the victim. It uses its own bulk to protect the injured.

Mitsubishi Next-generation, Google, Endeavour Robotics Kongsberg, and Robosoft are leading players of the law enforcement robots market.

Global Law Enforcement Robots Market

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