LG forms its new OLED division

Even as LG is reported to be in forward motion to showcase its new Quantum Dot 4K UHD TV in CES 2015, LG Display, the display-panel making affiliate of LG Electronics has formed a new OLED division that will exclusively focus on commercializing its namesake technology.

The South Korean tech giant has been quite open about its ambition to maintain the lead in OLED TVs that it has and is not afraid of being left alone as the sole vendor of the technology. Samsung has already opted for QD LCD technology on its TVs for next year citing low demand for OLED units, which is primarily because of its high price tag.

Even with signs or rejection from many of LG’s competitors, the firm is expected to release more models of TVs with OLED displays in 2015 as well.

LG’s new division is said to be headed by the company’s CTO Yeo Sang-deog, who was recently promoted to president from executive vice president for his contribution in securing LG’s OLED leadership and expanding client base in TVs and mobile.

All OLED related projects are expected to come under the umbrella of the new division. A new department to manage OLED buying clients has also been formed.

The aim behind this move is reported to be the scattered developmental work within LG on OLED technology based products, especially when LG is set to quadruple OLED panel production this month in an effort to bring down the price of OLED TVs, making them a more attractive option to consumers. The company’s 55-inch OLED TV currently costs almost $2,800, an exceptionally high price for a TV unit.

The South Korean tech giant is also hard at work to minimize burn-in effects, one of the biggest detractors to the touted technology, in which some images are left stuck on the screen when on-screen for long stretches. According to LG, products that are already in the market do not have this issue and that it looks forward to solving the problem permanently in the future.






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