Mobile Robotics Market – Size, Outlook, Categories And Trends, 2015 To 2022

The mobile robotics market is segmented in view of three categories. These are applications, travelling environments and geographical regions. The applications market includes the sectors of entertainment, domestic, healthcare and medical, field applications, defense and military, logistics and warehousing and others. Rising demand for mobile robotics across these sectors is anticipated to drive the demand for the market.

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The market of travelling environments comprises unmanned surface vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles and independent underwater vehicles. The geographical regions mobile robotics market includes Asia Pacific, rest of the world, Europe and North America. Mobile robotics possesses the capability of being the next innovative edge in flexible robotics.


The travelling environments market is likely to be dominated by unmanned ground vehicles through the forecast phase. This is due to the escalatedutilizationof these vehicles in the sector of defense and military. Unmanned aerial vehicles are projected to experience stable growth in the mobile robotics marketduring the said phase. This is owing to their accelerated utilization in the sectors of military, safety, wildlife, surveying, photography and defense.

Unmanned surface vehicles are estimated to grow in the years to come. This is on account of rising economical cordless data systems and worldwide positioning systems.Asia Pacific leaded the worldwide mobile robotics market in 2013. The region is likely to experience huge expansion through the forecast period. This is due to growing demand for mobile robotics in China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea.


The growing adoption of mobile robots in consumer and application sectors, like defense, cultivation and healthcare is estimated to increase the demand for the mobile robotics market. Mobile robots aid in the effective execution of operations that may or may not be repetitive. They assist workers in completing tough and complicated tasks within a short time. Commercialization of automated vehicles and automobiles due to technological developments in robotics is also anticipated to positively affect the mobile robotics market in the coming six years.

Innovations in mobile robotics also help in deactivating roadside bombs and reducing terrorism.Finances and incentives in support of mobile robotics from countries, like Canada, United States and Germany are also estimated to fuel the demand for the mobile robotics market. Mobile robotics also findsfuture prospects in entombment of bodies and elimination of wastes. If they are successful in performing these tasks, endemics can be prevented and rising demand for the market can be witnessed in the future.

Mobile robotics is a comparatively unexplored market in Latin America and Asia Pacific. It thus has the capability to develop further through the forecast period. The mobile robotics markethas also experienced broad implementation of mobile robotics in the sectors of distribution and warehousing, depainting and painting and dispensing and coating. Increased demand for mobile robotics across these sectors is also projected to steer the sales of the mobile robotics market.

With advancements in technologies, the robotics industry is estimated to witness commercialization of mechanized vehicles. Thiswill also further the sales of this market. The incorporation of mobile robots in smart products, devices and mobile technologies is also predicted to drive the mobile robotics marketahead.

Mobile Robotics Market

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