Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market – Outlook, Analytical Trends And Forecasts

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are inclusive of equipment that protect various parts of the body. These are the head, face, eyes, ears, body, nose, hands, legs, etc. These equipment protect people at workplace and from dangerousinjuries. The various application sectors across which PPE find use are manufacturing, construction, chemicals, oil and gas, conveyance, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. Boosting demand for PPE across these sectors is predicted to steer the sales of the personal protective equipment (PPE) market.

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The other sectors across which these equipment are used are unorganized sectors, government usage, service stations and small-scale manufacturing utilities. Growing awareness with regard to protection at workplace and rising governmental policies in support of protection are the two primary factors, propelling further demand for the personal protective equipment (PPE) market. PPEs are monitored by global protection standards. Health laws directed at protection across various industry verticals are also expected to drive the market forward.

Speedy urbanization and amplifying international spendings are the other prime factors, positively affecting the personal protective equipment (PPE) market. Professional footwear is the biggest sector of the market. The rising demand for personal protective equipment in the sectors of oil and gas, manufacturing and construction is one of the prime components, furthering the professional footwear market.

Augmented PPErequirementin the emergent nations of Asia Pacific is also expected to escalate the demand for the personal protective equipment (PPE) market in the region. Africa has gigantic potential for the market, with South Africabeing one of the leadingregions. The worldwide personal protective equipment (PPE) market is trifurcated into three categories. These include products, consumers and geographies.

Products Outlook

Hand protection was the biggest product sector in 2014. It occupied more than 22 percent of the entire personal protective equipment (PPE) market demand. Hand protection is anticipated to gain profits in the coming years. This is due to huge demand for hand protection equipment(to protect people from hand injuries) in the sectors of chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and construction. Fall protection equipment are projected to witness strong growthin the years ahead. This is in view of the expanding industry of construction in the regions of the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Respiratory protection is also predicted to undergo huge growth in the future.


Manufacturing was the biggest consumer of the personal protective equipment (PPE) market in 2014. It is likely to dominate the market in the coming seven years. The sector is anticipated to experience considerable growth worldwide. This is because of the expanding manufacturing industry in the developing nations of China and India. The consumer sector of construction in the personal protective equipment (PPE) market is predicted to undergo notable expansion over the forecast period. Transportation is likely to experience maximum growth in the future.


North America leaded the worldwide personal protective equipment (PPE) market in 2014. It is expected to be the biggest region over the forecast phase. Asia Pacific is likely to experience maximum growth in the years to come. The European personal protective equipment (PPE) market is anticipated to grow reasonably in the future.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market 

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