Processed Snacks Market Size To 2020: Artificial sugar alternatives could be twice as dangerous to public health

Unhealthily processed snacks could be twice as dangerous as healthier natural alternatives, according to new research.

Scientists at the University of Utah found that a key ingredient used in factory-produced food dramatically cut the lifespan of female rodents who ate it.

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This danger ingredient is called high-fructose corn syrup and is used instead of sugar in many processed recipes, including many baked snacks. The fructose-glucose mixture found in these eatables could very well be as deadly to humans as it has been found to kill lab mice during experiments.

The female rodents who ate a diet featuring large amounts of this compound sweetener faced a death rate 1.87 times higher than females who were given sucrose, which is more commonly known as table sugar. The fructose fed rodents also had their fertility affected gravely as they produced 26.4% fewer children.

It might make one wonder if mice and humans face the same danger. To answer that the team found that there was no difference between two groups as sugar and fructose were equally dangerous to their health.

Previous studies have shown that added sugar in general is bad for human health and asked for reduction of added sugar across the board especially in processed snacks and beverages. The type of sugar, and decrease consumption of products with high-fructose corn syrup is second to this very deepening issue affecting most developed and developing nations.

Sugar is rapidly becoming public health concern globally, with doctors across the boards warning that the sweet and especially processed products could be as dangerous as tobacco and calling upon companies to stop loading food with unnecessary amounts of sugar just for the delight of taste.

Many schools and colleges associations have cited this grave concern and have called for a country wide ban of such products as they affect children the worse. Eating habits can after be changed at the best of ability at its roots when most people grow up on processed food and face the consequences in later stages of life when their body is no longer strong enough to suffice.

Processed Snacks Market Size

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