SaaS Based CRM Software Market Size – Protrak launches new version of CRM software

ProTrak International, which is a New York based and is primarily a CRM software supplier for hedge funds, has launched Version Ten of its Advantage CRM product that has on-premises, browser-based, and mobile licenses.

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This effectively incorporates a variety of time-saving enhancements indicative of a vigorous international user community that frequently adds to Advantage’s industry-focused, out-of-the-box practicality.

Some of the key options embody the introduction of a brand new UI, iStore application and Blackberry licenses. Additionally the new feature has the benefit of watermarking PDF files and conjointly expands audit logs to improve security and compliance capability.

Furthermore, there is an increased filtering directly on the front screens the results of that are shown in Excel-type reporting and email-only license to capture and save to the information regarding all incoming and outward-bound messages for non-ProTrak users.

Over the past twenty five years, Protak has witnessed a technology shift from desktops to smart devices such as phones and tablets and from the Internet at large. The firm has firm unbrokenly maintained their current CRM product, Advantage, within the forefront of innovation against their prime competitors.

Few such software firms across the industry-span have had the privilege of such a history of advancements for a flagship product like the Advantage.

ProTrak’s numerous Advantage CRM license choices (that allow the right-sizing of usage intensity to cost) all gain from ProTrak’s user-focused developmental move.

Clients utilising ProTrak’s non-public cloud or on-premises structure have already begun putting in the new Version and can still proceed with upgradation throughout 2015.

ProTrack is widely expected to launch another upgrade wither in the final quarter of 2015 or in the early days leading upto 2016. Most firms build up the curiosity by a pre-launch introduction to what rests ahead and profiting for the resultant sales surge.

SaaS Based CRM Software Market

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