Silicon On Insulator (SOI) Market Size – Anticipated At USD 2145 Million By 2020

The silicon on insulator (SOI) market is projected to attain USD 2145 million by 2020. SOI is used as silicon insulator substrates in the manufacture of semiconductors. These semiconductors are more effective and have better performance than traditional semiconductors.

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The pivotal factors driving demand for the silicon on insulator (SOI) market are the rising market of electronics, such as smart phones, computers, tablets and others. SOI has high performance and operates at low voltage. However, volatility in the prices of feedstock and escalating electronic garbage (e-garbage) and long manufacturing processes are major restraints for the silicon on insulator (SOI) market.

The market can be segmented into products, technologies, applications and geographies. The products market can further be divided into image sensors, memory devices, RF (radio Frequency) SOI, optical SOI and SOI MEMS.

On the basis of technologies, the silicon on insulator (SOI) market is segregated into SOS (Silicon-on-Sapphire), SOI wafer size, BE (Bond and Etch-based) SOI, SIMOX (Separation by Implantation of Oxygen), and smart cut. SOI wafer size is further divided into thin films and thick films SOI.

The silicon on insulator (SOI) market is also fragmented on the basis of applications into computing & mobile, telecom instruments, automotives and photonics and others. Other applications include lighting, medical devices and 3D and photovoltaics.

With regard to geographies, North America was the largest consumer of the silicon on insulator (SOI) market. It was followed by Asia Pacific, Europe and rest of the world. Emerging markets of Asia Pacific, especially India and China are creating huge opportunities for the silicon on insulator (SOI) market. These regions are also expected to grow at their best in the future.

Silicon On Insulator (SOI) Market

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