Silicone Elastomers Market – Size, Insights And Trends, 2015 To 2022

Silicone elastomers normally refer to silicon based polymers which are vulcanized. They primarily exist in various forms. These are solids, closed cell sponges, open cells and thermally conductive foams. Silicone elastomers have a distinctive quality ofmaintaining mechanical features over a broad variety of temperatures. This makes them apt for use across a wide range of sectors, like electronics, automotives and construction. Rising demand for silicone elastomers across these sectors is estimated to propel the sales of the silicone elastomers market.

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The worldwide market is dominated by China. Europe and the United States of America follow China with respect to leading the market. With a number of manufacturing amenities and availability of domestic providers, the utilization of silicone elastomers is likely to increase speedily in China in the coming years. However, the silicone elastomers market is predicted to be price-delicatewith further augmentation in the manufacturing pace around various regions, like Africa and the Middle East.

Silicone elastomers have certain features. These include outstanding resistance to UV and ozone, high drug and gas absorbency, simple to make, excellent electrical insulating characteristics, low flammability, etc. These features work in support of the silicone elastomers market and drive it further. With a variety of mechanical and chemical features, silicone elastomers find many industrial and commercial applications. Their applications across both these sectors are also projected to raise the demand for the market.

Some of these applications include vibration dampers, gaskets, ignition cables, hoses, adhesives, medical tubing, surgical and dental instruments, etc.


The worldwide silicone elastomers market, alongside its applications, has experienced linear development over the previous years. This development is estimated to continue likewise in the coming years. Other features of silicone elastomers, like lightweight and transparency are also likely to work in favor of the market and steer it forward. Increased demand for silicone elastomers in the sector of medical is also projected to drive further demand for the silicone elastomers market during the coming years.

The market is undergoing fast growth at present. It is likely to maintain similar trends in the years ahead. The silicone elastomers market is also propelled ahead by the rapidly expanding regions of the rest of the world and Asia Pacific. Flowing demand for silicone elastomers across other regions and various consumer markets is also estimated to increase the demand for the market. Asia Pacific is the primary silicone elastomers market of the world. It occupied around 41 percent of the worldwide share in 2013.

Near about 31 percent of the demand for the worldwide silicone elastomers market was captured by the sector of automotives in 2013. Rapid expansion in the sectors of medical and electricals and electronics also steers significant demand for the market. Asia Pacific is predicted to be the most rapidly developing region for the silicone elastomers market. This development is ascribed primarily to heavy spendings in the region across the sectors of medical, automotives, client goods and electronics and electricals.

The market is anticipated to witness about USD 11, 014 million by 2019. Research and development activities in relation to silicone elastomers also drive further expansion of the silicone elastomers market.

Silicone Elastomers Market

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