Smart TV Market Size To 2020: Sony and Samsung to bring PS3 directly to Smart TVs in 2015

Smart TV enthusiasts have a new good reason to go for Sony or Samsung. In an unexpected yet welcoming move, Sony has announced that its Play Station 3 games will be available, not just on Sony but also on Samsung TVs which will emerge in the form of applications.

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These apps are expected to roll out sometime in the first half of 2015. It is not yet clear if that app will be made available to all Samsung and Sony Smart TVs or just a select few.

However what is exciting about the news is that it clearly resonates with the idea that has been in propagation for a while now – Playing Play Station without a console. That’s correct; Samsung and Sony Smart TVs will not require the purchase of any new consoles from Sony. Rather the 200 odd Play Station 3 games will be made available via cloud and require no downloads.

In other words, the Smart TVs will soon provide the same gaming experience as buying a PS3 console and hooking it up with your HD TV. Just that in this case it will be better, given the lack of wiring and reduced space due to the lack of need of the console altogether.

What users do need is a Sony controller, most preferably the Dualshock 4 which is of course wireless.

Notably, Sony did not include its new Play Station 4 in the line. This is probably for the obvious reason that the new set just got released less than a year back and the firm does not want one deal to affect the sales of another.

It was also a smart move on part of Sony to put the PS3 put for grabs via cloud on a Smart TV deal, now that PS4 is out of course PS3 sales are down. And apart from its own Smart TVs, partnering with Samsung which holds a 25 percent stake in the Smart TV market was a good business decision.

It will be interesting to note as to how many other Smart TV brands does Sony partner with in future if this experiment succeeds.

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